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and understanding of the Pinto Horse!

                                            AERO :
Arizona Equine Rescue Organization, Inc. is a 501c3 non-profit corporation dedicated to rescue and                                                                     rehabilitation of neglected and abused horses, emergency response services and training to assist first                                                               responders with livestock emergencies like trailer accidents, community education, and at-risk youth                                                                 programs.  AERO helps 100-200 horses per year and is all volunteer group that  specializes in law enforcement                                            support, extreme medical rehabilitation cases, and emergency response for police and fire across the state at                                                no charge thanks to community support.
AERO Wish List:

·         Manure forks

·         Betadine wash
·         Horse blankets – med weight waterproof
·         Lead ropes (have halters)
·         Joint Supplements
·         Brown gauze
·         Nitrile gloves
·         Work gloves (for barn work)
·         Thermometers
·         Shampoo
·         Mane and Tail detangler
·         Fly masks (all sizes)
·         Safe Choice Senior

·         Lakin Lite Pellets
·         Used tack for our tack sales 


                                                    Four Peaks Foundation dba Four Peaks Animal Rescue is a non-profit organization the Internal Revenue                                                          Code) dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, training and placement of all species of domestic animals in                                                         need of medical care and sanctuary.                               

The Foundation:
The foundation for our efforts is best symbolized by the 3R's.  

Often times animals are recovered in the wild, other times abandoned at the doorstep, or simply left helpless because they no longer fit a lifestyle. Regardless of the circumstances by which we meet, they are angels in need of immediate care. Upon arrival our animals are watered, fed, bathed, and most importantly provided a reassuring and loving environment consistent with the basis of our philosophy.

Once stabilized, the animal is screened for health issues. When the basic necessities of survival have been provided we can turn to the qualities that transform an animal to a pet. These qualities, at a minimum, include trust, recognition of limits, and respect of place in the family.

Recognizing that any satisfying relationship is a combination of personality and situation, we assist in the selection of a companion animal to provide an appropriate match with an individual and/or family ready to adopt a pet. This assistance includes our own evaluation of an animal's characteristics (for example size, age, temperament) to be coupled with the guardian's lifestyle (for example home space, activity level, experience with pets). Clearly the better the pre-placement evaluation, the more likely the success of the adoption.

Wish List:

Dog Food: Dry Nutro, Natural Choice or Iams, canned Iams, Science Diet, Max, Pedigree
Cat Food: Dry-Iams, Canned-Friskies, Fancy Feast, Iams kitten food can & dry
Scoopable Cat Litter
Treats for Pets
Cleaning supplies (detergent, bleach, hand soap, liquid dish detergent, broom, dust mop, scrub sponges, etc.)
Tall kitchen bags, paper towels, toilet paper
Office supplies (postage stamps, paper, plastic sleeves, staples, etc.)
Stuffed Animals for pets
Strained baby (human) food - meat only, prefer chicken
Natures Miracle staind & odor remover
Dog kennel panels (9 gauge)
Leather leashes - 6 ft.
Outside garden hoses & nozzles

Phoenix Pinto Horse Association

Donate to any of our Rescue Groups listed below and receive a discount on any of our Horse Shows. See each Event Page for details on discounts specific to that show.

                                                       We're Underdog Rescue of Arizona, an East Valley based dog rescue in Phoenix, Arizona. We strive to speak for                                  those who cannot speak for themselves.

                                                       Underdog Rescue of Arizona is a 501(c)(3) non-profit foster-based dog rescue that is dedicated to rescuing and                           e-homing shelter dogs rescued from the euthanasia list and abandoned dogs in need. We are run entirely by                                                  volunteers and fosters who are edicated to helping our dogs. We rescue and re-home dogs of all ages,                                                                 sizes, and breeds.

In addition, we are an advocacy group, striving to educate the public on the issue of animal welfare. Working on shelter reform, spay and neuter education, the responsibilities of raising dogs, and emergency rescue.

Wish list:

Nyla bones

Any treats or food (not made in china)

Martingale Collars

Toys: tennis balls, regular balls, rope toys



Chewy bones & rawhides


Grooming supplies

Pee pads

Peanut butter

Canned pure pumpkin


Flea/tick medications
Disinfecting wipes and paper towels.

(For dogs and cats).

                                                                  Fearless Kitty Rescue is a non-profit, no kill rescue that is dedicated to finding homes for homeless                                                                         and abandoned cats of all ages. The organization is funded one hundred percent by donations and is                                                                     compiled of dedicated volunteers.

                                                                 At Fearless Kitty Rescue, we believe with dedication, time and patience we can all work together to                                                                      find the best homes for these animals. We would not be able to save as many kitties as we do without all of the dedication from our volunteers. FKR was founded on the belief and hope that all cats and kittens will have a chance at a happy, healthy and FEARLESS life.

The inspiration behind our logo is simple. We came across a photo of one of our very own fearless kitties, Karma. She was outside, with her chin held high and standing FEARLESSLY. It was the perfect display of a Fearless Kitty. Since the photo, she has been adopted to a loving home, but continues to inspire the mission behind Fearless Kitty Rescue.

When our cats are not in loving foster homes, they are kept at Kittyville, our free-roaming adoption center. Here, cats can start to socialize with other cats and our volunteers. It is a great way to let the cats’ personality really shine!

Our mission is to save the lives of stray and abandoned cats and kittens, particularly those being held in high-kill shelters not served by other rescue groups, or those needing rescue from the desert environment, and to provide nurturing transitional care, veterinary and spay/neuter services, behavior training, community outreach and education, and to secure the adoption of those kitties into loving, forever homes.

Wish List:

Max Cat Turkey & Giblets canned Food-Pate Only

Max Cat Chicken & Liver canned Food-Pate Only

Natural Balance-Kitten to Adult Dry Food

​Dry Food of any brand, except no coloring


Small Cardboard Scratchers

Kitchen and Large Garbage Bags

Paper Towels

Small Gargabge Bags- 8-10 gallon

Laundry Dryer Sheets

Clorox Bleach

Tubs of Clorox Wipes

​Anti-Bacterial Only Dish Soap

Laundry Detergent- Front Loader Only/Any Brand